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Valley Forge Essay My answer to the question valley forge would you have quit, is no I would stay for the reason of seeing the end of the war. Also to get extra money. To support my country for our freedom. My last reason is to be able to say I helped get our freedom, because we all want freedom. Money is the main reason i would stay and for the americans, and for the bragging. My main reason for staying is to get the extra money. Even know the conditions were horrible I would have stayed to help the revolution. And plus you would have had a better chance staying at camp then going home, because you would have probably been killed on the way home by so many different things. But either way soldiers are going to die. If we do win, the feeling of victory is way better than the feeling of defeat. I feel that is why many people stayed and that is a good reason for me to stay.…show more content…
You can't get any sleep at all, and it's very very cold. Almost everyone is sick. Even after all this people stayed (like me,the people leaving thought we were crazy) and that gave me hope in the cause. Plus When we have hope we believe that if we stay it's going to be worth it. Without hope I would not have stayed. Also when and if we win the war the hope that we have now will push us to that point in time, but i have hope that we can do it. And second to last biggest reason for a staying is (as i have said many times now ) for the feeling of being victorious. Because us being able to beat the british is

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