Reasons To Quit At Valley Forge

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Would You Have Quite At Valley Forge I probably would have quit at valley forge. One of the main reasons is that you would have probably not have had shoes or good enough clothing to last thru the winter and also that you would have more than likely starved to death. If you did not starve or any of those than the main one is that the sickness was so bad that even some of the doctors were sick so if you were to get sick which most soldiers did than you would more than likely not make it because the person treating you is sick. I would not have deserted my military the only way i would think of it is if I had just enrolled and still had about a year left. These are the main reasons that I would have quit and I will explain them threw the next…show more content…
You could even die from being so cold. Also i can not even stand when it’s cold down in the south which means I probably would have not been able to stand the even colder winter in the north. They also did not have enough food and supplies for all of their soldiers which is a huge problem because if you ain't got enough food to keep your soldiers fed well enough most of them will be very weak so they couldn't go out and fight. In addition to not having enough food they also didn't have enough gunpowder so they couldn't really shoot many times at all. So you would not have good enough clothing food or enough gunpowder I would probably quit. Probably the biggest reason I would have quit is sickness. The sickness was so bad that the doctors were even getting sick and the main reason for that is because they didn't have proper clothing either. If i had not already gotten sick then i probably wouldn't have came in contact with many other soldiers so I wouldn't really know many of the orders from the general so that would suck as well. I would have a huge risk of getting sick too because close to half of all soldiers had gotten sick while at valley

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