Reasons To Quit Valley Forge

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Valley Forge would I Have Quit? I would have quit Valley Forge because like I wouldn't want to die or anything i would want to go back home to my family alive. I wouldn't want to say i quit because it was hard because i'm not a quitter. To really be honest George Washington wasn't even doing that could of a job being in his position. I mean we had to stay in the freezing cold the condition was not good. We had a limit to our food we were all almost starving because of the lack of supply we had with us. We had to stay at Valley Forge over the winter. People started to not really like George Washington he was basically putting us in danger. To make matters worse for us was that a lot of people that were with us didn't like where George had us position they started to not trust him much more. But not surprising to me or other people that were with us i wasn't the only one that wanted to quit this, there were so many people and it's not that George was getting mad at us he was just really frustrated. The Nine-month men they were going home and not returning just like the rest of us were pretty much doing here. We never told George he would wake up and we would just be gone.…show more content…
Some of the women along the way started to get Scarlet Fever that's when young girls start to like the British soldiers. The British were the men that wore those bright red coats. Washington was the one that decided it would be good idea to build a winter camp down at Valley Forge, Valley Forge is 18 miles from Philadelphia. One of our jobs was to build huts because I mean we have to have shelter. When we built the shelter we had no beds or floors or anything we just had to lay down on straw that was not comfy at all. The one biggest thing that bothered me the most by far was how freaking cold it was there I mean we barely had really anything to keep us warm but a fire and that wasn't

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