Argumentative Analysis: The Vietnam War

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Yes i would have quit because they were starving. They were freezing to death and didn't have many things to get warm with. They also didn't have any shoes or socks on their feet. Also were short on supplies and stuff. They were weak and did not have much strength to fight. Some evidence is Thomas Paine he wrote “American Crisis” which was directed to the soldiers. It was directed to the soldiers because they were down and they wanted to leave. George Washington read it to the soldiers to help them lift their spirits and try to give them hope. Another thing that is that it was winter time. It was freezing cold outside and most soldiers did not have any shoes or any socks to put on their feet so their feet must of been really cold. They also didn't have many things to get them warm they had worn out clothes and didn't have any extra. Also they have to walk through the snow without any shoes on their feet and they left blood trails because of them walking through the snow without shoes. They also don't have all the supplies they need. They don't have enough food so they might starve and die. Also if they don’t eat they won't have as much of energy they are gonna be weak and have no strength to fight and attack. Another thing is that…show more content…
There was many diseases and soldiers would get and some would die bc there was bad medical supplies and no good doctors. Also 1800-2500 died or vanished so that shows that conditions weren't that good so if i stayed in the war i would have either died or vanished because i would not like to stay in those conditions. Also i want to see my family why if i end up dying during the war or i get the disease and die because of that or for starving to death. Also when my time is up why should i stay in the war if the conditions are really bad. Another thing is what if we lose the war and i fought for no reason .I would not take the risk of this in

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