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"I spend a lot of time reading”, Bill Gates once said. If you don't believe reading is important or worth your time just think of this. Bill Gates makes than 114 dollars a second! But, he still believes that reading is worth his time. I agree with this, but I still don’t read that often, because I just don't have time with sports and friends. But, that's no excuse. I need to make some time. Although I don’t do it often, I enjoy reading and have had some awesome moments throughout my reading life. If you are looking for someone who has always relished reading, I am not your person. Since I was young I just wasn’t interested in reading, instead I would like to swing on the swingset or count money. As an eighth grader, I am coming to enjoy reading…show more content…
All of Mrs Kanoops kindergarten class believed that the gingerbread man went all over the U.S. We saw him in Florida, Texas, California and many other states. We all sat on her rainbow carpet and listened to her read it. It’s stuff like that that makes reading fun as a kid, and is probably one of the biggest reasons why I love reading today. More recently in my journey, around sixth grade, came the book Unbroken. Laura Hillenbrand wrote Unbroken, which is about an Olympic track runner, Loui Zamperini who entered the air force during WW2. His plane was shot down, killing all but two. They later got captured by the Japanese and survived horrendous conditions. I read this book at the same time as my dad which allowed us to talk more. Me and my dad both agree that this is the most powerful book either of us have read! Every road has a couple of bumps in them, and I would say the monumental bump in my rememberable reading road was fourth grade. The entire year… Jackson Rhodes and Gabe Hanninen were in my class. Every day our teacher gave us 30 minutes for silent reading... Well we didn’t want to read so instead we played NBA Jam on our Ipods. If you towered the amount of books we read together it would be higher than the empire state building.... Just kidding, we didn’t even finish one. Before that i was multiple grade levels above my actually grade. You would probably think that hurt my reading ability,

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