Excerpt From 'Ganondorf': A Fictional Narrative

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It is the memories that stir her. It's Ganondorf's lips pressing into her, whispering encouragement into her neck. It's his wide hands spread across her back, cradling her while she rides him into oblivion. It's in the folding of her body neatly into his, as if she has always belonged there. It is a heady thing and drags her into a bleary sort of awareness. She blinks, tries to will clarity into her mind as she pushes up to orient herself. The bed is not her own – of course it is not – and she is very much alone in it. The room is quiet, empty. All evidence that she'd been there at all is gone, furniture righted and the room immaculate, save for her clothes that lay folded across a chair. For a brief moment, Zelda smiles and sinks back into…show more content…
The guards were surely on their way to arrest him – to arrest them both! And Ganondorf is no where to be found. “Ganondorf?” she calls into the emptiness and crawls from the bed to tug her trousers on. In her haste, she is clumsy and tugs uselessly at the laces. “Ganondorf?” she says again and is relieved when he reveals himself, oiling his hair from the roots to the ends. “Good morning.” 'Good morning' he says, while their judge and jury march to seal their fates. 'Good morning' he says, while she can see the headsman's ax pressing against their necks. “Good morning,” she replies, because she has not forgotten her manners, even while she panics. “Are you always so calm when your life hangs by threads?” He chuckles, swatting her hands away so he could knot her trouser laces for her with deft fingers, “Panicking serves no one. Me, least of all.” He tugs the laces for good measure, then places a kiss on Zelda's forehead. “If you hurry, you may catch the guards during their…show more content…
To hasten your return.” There is no hesitation in her this time. She kisses him with a practiced kind of ease. Like she knows the shape of his mouth, and the slant of it against her own. It is familiar to her now and she relishes in it. When they part, Zelda's smile still sits firmly in place. “I will return to you. As quickly as possible.” Ganondorf nods and sits down to finish his hair. “Before you go, a reminder,” he says, voice pleasant, but the warning like a sharp undercurrent, “I expect you to keep to your lessons. My absence will be no excuse.” She nods, enthusiasm in every inch of the smile on her face. Of course she would keep to her lessons. Nothing short of prying her sword from her hand would ever keep her from training. Zelda takes her time as she makes her way back, careful to keep herself out of sight as the castle stirs in the peaceful morning light. There are no guards, save but one patrolling along the corridor to her chambers. She waits, pressing herself against the a tall stone column. The soldier patrols at his leisure, walking the length of the corridor back and forth until she thinks he will never leave. Minutes tick on like hours until he at last breezes by her. Zelda creeps out of her hiding place, padding softly until she slips into her room. She finds herself delightfully relieved when she is

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