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The Real Life Philosophy could be defined as the study of the origins of human knowledge, the reason for human existence, and the reasons as to why we make certain choices. Philosophy takes time and a well-trained mind to grasp in order to be able to understand the different ways of thinking of many great philosophers throughout time. Two great examples of famous philosophers would be G.E Moore and Rene Descartes. Both philosophers have contributed many great ideas into the field of philosophy. The most memorable argument that is still occurring today between other people who majored in philosophy would be the argument of dreams. Rene Descartes argues that dreams are sometimes extremely believable. Which results in his belief that we could…show more content…
He states that we could never tell if we are dreaming or not because sometimes dreams could make us believe that what is occurring to us, is actually happening in real life. That dreams are deceiving us because they are powerful. But the only way that Descartes could know if dreams are actually deceiving is by knowing that what we are dreaming, and the only way to know the difference between a fiction and an imaginary life is by using our sense. Take for example this argument, pretend that we are dreaming of flying around the city. That you are soaring high and low passed the skylines of New York City. You imagine yourself feeling the air passing through your hands and your body. However, you suddenly wake up in your bed. You realize that you are actually in bed inside your house. The only way that you know that the flying occurrence was fake was by simply believing in your sense. You imagined yourself flying, you thought that you were, but then suddenly, you realize that you are touching your bed. That you are seeing your room and not the ski lines of New York City. So Descartes dream argument of not trusting your sense is, inconsistent with what he has stated at the

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