Information In Figure 9-2, Create Your Own Activities For Each Of The Age Groups

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B) Using the information in figure 9-2, create your own activities for each of the age groups presented in this chart: Two Year olds: I could allow the toddlers to do simple puzzles, sing songs with the children, or allow the students to free draw with chalk to work on their motor skills. Three year olds: Encourage the children with rote counting. Allow the children to play with independence, provide books for the children to “read” and look at on their own terms. Four year olds: Begin working on grasping with scissors and cutting. Play the fruit pickup game which requires them to pinch together the tweezers to pick up the fruit. Begin working on advanced math, such as grouping and sorting. Five and six year olds: Activities working on weights, colors, size, texture, and shapes. Make some activities appropriate for physical activity. Work on constructing their names on their own.…show more content…
This teacher was very laid back and never told students that they were “wrong” just suggested ways to expand their ideas. He believed that tests weren’t meant to make you feel pressured, but to make sure you learned. So he provided all tests at the beginning of the year so we had time to read over and memorize (learning) the material. I responded really well to this teacher’s way of teaching. I never felt like I was on the wrong track and could always feel confident that I was picking up the information. After fast forwarding 10 years, I hope that the child is telling their friend that I was an encouraging teacher. I hope that they say I was more of a role-model/ friend. I do not want to be remembered as the one that “pushed” the curriculum on students, but more as a friend that helped them to grow. Hopefully they say I was cool and easy to get along with!

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