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Baroque composer, Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, was born on March 4, 1678 in Venice, Italy to parents Camilla Calicchio and Giovanni Battista. In 1693 at fifteen, he began studying to become a priest, receiving his training at the Church of St. Geminiano, then at the Church of San Giovanni in Oleo. Unlike other priests in training, who attended the main seminary on the island of Murano, Vivaldi spent his ten-year apprenticeship at home, entering priesthood in 1703. This same year, he was hired as a violin teacher at the Osepdale della Pietà, an institution for orphans. Having been taught by his father, who was a well-known violinist in Venice, Vivaldi became a violin virtuoso, and acquired this position of “maestro di violino” (master of violin) at the age of twenty-five.…show more content…
Along with his occupation at the Osepdale della Pietà, Vivaldi was also the “impresario” (manager) and composer of the Sant’Angelo theatre. This job included contracting performers, overseeing rehearsals and productions, and balancing the budget for the performance. Vivaldi career flourished until 1736 when his father died. One year after this, the Nunzio Apostolico banned Vivaldi from entering Ferrara, Italy and canceled his soon to be performed opera. The Nunzio Apostolico’s reasoning was Vivaldi no longer said mass in church. Back in 1706, Vivaldi asked to be relieved of the responsibility of celebrating mass because of a chest illness he called “male di petto ossia strettezza di petto” (bad chest tightness). Vivaldi’s negated opera was the beginning of economic crisis, as he had already paid the performers. The incident left a damaging mark on his

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