Raskolnikov's Dream

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In the novel "Crime and Punishment" by Fyodor Dostoevsky, the main character experiences vivid dreams throughout the chapters. Each of the different dreams symbolized an inner conflict that the main character, Raskolnikov, is going through. His dreams are more than just an imaginary story plot, it's an idea of how he feels about crimes he's done. In my opinion, the main character is lost; he wants a meaning and purpose with his life. He feels lost and meaningless and he seeks them whenever he has those dreams. People often dream about events in life. There inner thoughts and how they see themselves in the world. The main character is having trouble with him . These dreams he's having, are his deep feelings and thoughts about the crimes he…show more content…
The plague of bugs infected everyone and made them go crazy. Everyone that was infected believes they were the cleverest person in the whole world. That may seem at first a great idea, but in reality this would only lead to disaster. Since individuals believed they were smarter than one another, war and famine struck the society. More murder and crime hit than any before, they starter to kill each other in numbers. Only a selective few survive to create a new man-kind but many died because if the plague. This dream that Raskolnikov had represents his out-law life he is living. His feeling toward man has him to believe he is better than anyone and everyone. This dreams is important because in the beginning of the book, Raskolnikov says himself as an “extraordinary man”, he believes he is above anyone. The crimes and murders are statements, stating that he lives by his own rules. He can get away with anything and not be disciplined and given any punishment for his actions. Raskolnikov doesn’t feel guilty after committing a crime, id doesn’t affect him at all. This dream makes Raskolnikov realizes that if everyone knew they were better than each other, they would kill each other. He finally accepts that members of a society is not better than one another, everyone is
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