Personal Narrative-Lost In The Lucid

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Lost in the Lucid A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming and able to control it... Unless it’s a nightmare. It all started just last year when I finally became a teenager somewhat of a mile stone to me. Up to this point I thought I was a good kid overall, but obviously someone didn’t. No matter what you believe the Truth of the matter is bad things happen to good people. May 13th any ordinary day for me, so I thought later that Day me and my family walking down the loud crowded street of Atlanta, Georgia like any other Wednesday watched get struck by a speeding driver who didn’t even stop to see if I was ok. Someone to impatient to stop at a red light leaving me there to bleed out and die on the pavement. When…show more content…
My Mind wandered until everything went black. To my amazement I woke almost as soon as I blacked out, but it wasn’t normal almost like a fantasy "is this at all real", I thought to myself looking at my hands as if they were holding the Answer. I walked around the hospital empty no doctors no patients just me. Not me older me I returned to my room to see Balloons that read "Happy Twenty Birthday". Had I remained in a coma for six years? If s where is my family Why wouldn’t they stay to watch me wake up? Before I could shed a tear I understood it was a dream of which seemed to be in control of. My mind raced with ideas and things I could do places I could go, but suddenly I Was struck with reality. My time is limited imp kept alive by life support and sooner or later they will have no Choice but to remove me. I tried everything screaming at myself "wake up Wake up”, but I still resided in this Depressing empty hospital I thought of waking up I tried and tried nothing seemed to work. After about five Minutes I finally closed my eyes and told myself you have to wake up I opened my eyes and the rooms was a black Abyss all but I little screen that showed me a video of myself. I was lying there almost lifeless all but the

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