Examples Of Heroism In Mississippi Burning

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All heroes have courage, deft, and wounds. The three traits correlate with both epic heroes and heroes. A hero must have the courage to stand up and fight towards justice when others may choose to be quiet. A hero is deft at some trait that is overall beneficial for the hero’s ability to be a positive impact for society. All heroes are wounded, whether the wound is physical or mental. This wound is what can encourage a hero to persistently stand up and act on in ways that will benefit the overall society. The movie Mississippi Burning portrays numerous characters as heroes. The three civil rights workers are heroes for the work they accomplished and how their lives’ changed the community. The three civil right workers deaths’ made apparent the magnitude of the issue racial discrimination was for the communities. Both Agent Rupert Anderson and Agent Alan Ward were heroes by using their own strategic technics and their persistence in order to solve the mystery of what happened to the three civil right workers. Mrs. Pell, the wife of the deputy, was…show more content…
Aaron’s wound is from the corrupt views and action that have been inflicted to the African American society. Aaron doesn’t show fear when he first speaks up about the injustice done to the African American community. From the knowledge of past incidents from the KKK, Aaron has the courage to speak up and this past experience helps to influence him to continue pushing towards the goal of equality. The violence that Aaron and his family endures before and during the movie is what helped push Aaron towards work that benefited the community. Aaron grew up with fear and viewed things that he should not have to see such as his father being lynch though this sadness is what pushed Aaron towards equality. Aaron endures mental and physical wounds from the KKK, which causes him to be persistent towards a main goal which makes him a

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