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Dreams are goals and future accomplishments that people have in their life. Any dream is possible to achieve but requires hard work and dedication. Paulo Coelho’s novel The Alchemist and Lose Yourself by Eminem show that to succeed at your personal legend you must achieve, dream and love. The young boy Santiago, through his journey learns about connecting to the soul of the world and he faces many obstacles and challenges. However, Santiago never gives up on pursuing his personal legend. People who achieve are looked upon as successful. Furthermore a person’s accomplishments could inspire someone to work harder. When Santiago first saw the pyramids he was so glad and had the chance to find the treasure. “So here I go it’s my shot. “ After…show more content…
Santiago did not know where to go to find the alchemist. As women were coming and going to fill up their water pails, he would ask them if they knew anything about the alchemist. “He better go capture this moment and hope it don’t pass him.” After all the highs and lows, Santiago finally knew the location of the treasure. He was robbed but found love and he lost his sheep but met the alchemist. “Because now he knew where his treasure was.” (pg. 163) When the opportunity is available to achieve your personal legend it is best to go for it and if there is a specific place then go there. If all that is needed is to take the last step to succeed at your dream, do it because you’ll be successful. Some people do try to capture the moment and accomplish their dream. However not everyone is successful. To achieve a dream can be difficult but if you are ambitious and don’t hold back you can be…show more content…
Moreover, love could be the force that makes you work harder to achieve. When you love someone and you’re not with that person very much it doesn’t mean you’ve stopped loving. “He’s grown farther from home he’s no father he goes home and barely knows his own daughter.” Leaving someone you love can be difficult. Santiago left Fatima so he could pursue his personal legend but told her he would be back. Fatima understood this, to have Santiago she had to let him go first. “I’m going away and I want you to know that I’m coming back, I love you because.” (pg.121) Together the quote from the novel and the quote from the song say that love is love, it doesn’t matter if the relationship is distant just as long as in your heart you know that you love that someone. For accomplishment of a dream, love is what could be holing a person back. The fear of losing that person if the personal legend is pursued. In the end, listen to your heart because it will tell you the best choice to

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