Aerosmith Pros And Cons

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Aerosmith “Life is a journey not a destination” said the band Aerosmith. Aerosmith had their share of ups and downs throughout their journey. From drug addiction to alcohol abuse to personal problems, they have been through it all. Aerosmith was a different type of rock and roll band because they brought blues music into rock, they won four Grammy Awards, and were inducted into the Boston Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, making them one of the best rock bands of their era. Aerosmith’s band members Brad Whitford, Joe Perry, and Steven Tyler became interested in music at a young age and had many influences. Brad Whitford studied trumpet and started playing guitar at a young age and he was taught a lot about music (Anjou,2002). The reason Steven Tyler became interested in music was because his father was involved in different musical things, so it inspired him (Schlesinger,2008). Joe Perry…show more content…
It all started when Tom Hamilton and Joe Perry went to see one of Steven Tyler acts at a place called The Barn. They thought he was phenomenal so they invited him to the band (Schlesinger,2008). Steven Tyler really wanted to be lead singer though, which they thought was fine. They already had their drummer Joey Kramer because Tom and Joe moved to Boston, Massachusetts and met him (Schlesinger,2008). This is how the band came together. Aerosmith got their start writing music when they signed a record deal with Columbia Records, who thought they were ready to be a Rock ‘N’ Roll band. After that, they released their first debut album called Aerosmith (Schlesinger,2008). After Aerosmith’s first album they already had a fan base and were starting to become popular. They spent a lot of time touring also and when they released their second album they had many fans ready to buy it when it came out (Schlesinger,2008). As their fan base grew so did their

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