Netflix And Hulu Comparison Essay

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In this day and age there is a vast variety of ways to watch movies and shows besides plain cable. Advancement in technology making it a lot easier for this to occur, the internet to be more specific. Among the top choices for on-demand streaming are Netflix and Hulu. As they serve the same purpose one may think they must be the same in every other aspect. But that’s not the case, with only one carrier can you really fill your binge watching crave. When gaining access to either one of these popular streaming medias it’s rather simple: pay $7.99 a month. Now though if one is feeling a little on the conservative side Hulu offers limited access to non paying users. Don’t expect more than a 30 day free trial from netflix. Mostly due to Netflix having a wider audience, Hulu needs all the perks it can get to reach as wide a circle as netflix. Let us also remember that Netflix has been around since 1997, Hulu is a baby in comparison only around since 2007. The two carrier are reaching for the same goal: provide entertainment from any electronic platform. One can utilize either streaming media from…show more content…
Surround sound and video quality go hand in hand, you can’t have one without the other and truly enjoy what you are doing. Hulu in video quality, the highest it may go—if lucky— is 720p. Let me tell you, the highest a youtube video, a free video sharing website, can go is 1080p. Now since this is not about youtube, Netflix can up 1080p also and great surround sound, one can truly feel like they are in the midst of the Hunger Games or World War Z. Now just like any paid satellite service, Hulu offers the enjoyment of sitting through ads and not just any ads: the same ones— over and over and over again. If children were to watch Netflix a lot of the classixs would there while Hulu has a newer variety, though they are still working on broadening their shows to others age besides teens and

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