Speech About Creativity

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As a kid, I used to dream about my life. The way I wanted it to be and I ignored all that was around me. There were things I did differently than others, for one I couldn’t color within the lines and that was not acceptable. I have always been the creative type, probably because of my disdain for following the rules. Everyone is born creative, as kids we come up with these fascinating ideas that are shunned. The world values our creativity only when it suits them, but when we color outside the lines then that makes us different. No one likes to stand out against the crowd. We don’t like to see the disapproval in their eyes as we tell them about our plans or ideas. Many of us spend our whole lives trying to fit in and we might not even know…show more content…
Creativity will find a solution or idea that can help you in any situation. We are brainwashed to the point that all we see are problems. No problem can stop you from achieving what you want except you. People are coming up with so many concepts and ideas, what separates them from you? Simple fact is they allowed their creativity to take them to places you are too scared for it to take you. The world will say creativity won’t pay the bills, but what you produce will generate results and pay the bills. Can everyone be creative? Yes. Some are just too afraid, but when you allow creativity to change the way you think your life will change. Where Does Taking Risks Come In? Creative people take more risks than most people. If Steve Jobs didn’t push the Mac or the Ipad forward, where would we be? It was the biggest risk for him to do that, his team said it wouldn’t work, but Steve Jobs had an idea and knew it would work. A movie like La La Land shouldn’t have won so many awards like it did because the premise around it has been done for so many decades, but Damien Chazelle had a vision for the movie. J.K Rowling took a risk in accepting that Harry Potter be adapted into a
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