Railway Transportation System Case Study

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5. INFRASTRUCTURE AND TRANSPORT SYSTEM The transport system will look for freight, passenger services and infrastructure perspectives. The passenger study 2010-2011 (The Finnish Transport Agency 2012). According to passenger transportation years 2010-2011 Finnish people do over 5 billion domestic travels in a year. In addition the necessity of great distance transportation is big. The demand of freight transportation will especially affect economic development and structure of industries. It can also affect traffics energy- and environmental issues, the demand of transportation service, the change of population and consumption demands, technology development, political decision and social control (Luukkonen et al. 2012, Mäkelä et al. 2011). Togheter with road and railway transportation and merikul-jetus, they are important and export transportation system where domestic and foreign transportation is connected. Railway transportation are nowadays strongly in bound with forestry and also the raw material of heavy industry and its products by seaway transportation makes a significant part of the bound. Road transportations are a prevalent mode of transportation system and it serves comprehensively and flexibly in different need of the transportation. Air freights are typically the serving mode of the globally…show more content…
The traffic safety is noticeable in regional differences which are mainly due to road and street network traffic and highway location in relation to land use. Two thirds of the fatal accidents and a half injuries takes place on the roads. (Finnish Transport Agency, Ministry of Transport and Traffic 2011). The perceived passenger car and public transport, road safety, there is no regional or ELY Centers found large differences. Instead of walking and cycling road safety greater regional has been found differences are mainly due to urban

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