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WAYS IN WHICH THIS PROJECT HAS IMPACTED ON SOCIETY (TANG MING FEI) On May 1, 2004, the world’s first man-loading maglev train in Shanghai was officially put into service and it marks a new milestone in the history of world’s transportation technology. The Shanghai maglev train has shown its potential and possibilities in the aspect of future transportation system presented by the magnetic levitation technology in comparison to the traditional high speed trains on railways throughout the world. As the first maglev train in the world, Shanghai maglev train is running very well even better than expectation and obviously this project has impacted on society through advancements in environmental awareness and technology. Environmental impacts…show more content…
When considering the changes of environmental impacts, not only consider the emission of carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gases, but also consider other environmental impacts for example noise pollution. Compare with the traditional high speed wheel-on-rail trains, the application of magnetic levitation technology within the transportation system in China has brought a great improvement to the environmental issues that usually caused by the traditional wheel-on-rail trains. By using the latest engineering methods, the issue of noise pollution complained by the adjacent residents and the level of carbon dioxide emissions of Shanghai maglev train can be solved without any other side effect. 1.1. Quietness Noise pollution becomes one of the important factors in the environmental impacts that should be considered cautiously. It actually affects the residents of the surrounding area, and it also brings detrimental effects to the local ecosystem. However, Shanghai maglev train impacts on society by its astonishing quietness in facts, it does not generate rumbling sounds from rolling friction because Shanghai maglev train avoids the direct contact between the railway and the train, the only noise produced by Shanghai maglev train is aerodynamic noise. Figure 1: The comparison of decibel level of different transportation…show more content…
First, carbon dioxide is the main gases produced when fossil fuel is consumed by the high speed train. The emissions of carbon dioxide plays a very important role in environmental impact consideration of the transportation system. As the world’s first maglev train, Shanghai Maglev Train uses electricity as the source of its power, it prevents the consumption of fossil fuel thus reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide gases to some

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