Manmohan Singh's Corruption

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Manmohan Singh, a silent prime minister, not Manmohan Singh but Maun-Mohan Singh, a puppet of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, and not the prime minister of India. Well, (mostly) every Indian today, is guilty of mocking and ridiculing the world-class economist and a global leader who was mishandled by the Congress party. He is an economist of a high order, he is the father of the Indian economic reforms, he is a man with integrity, and with patience. It is very easy in the times of intolerant today, to point finger and blame others for a mess that might have been created. In the same intolerant today, it is the most difficult task to be quite, not respond to the mockery, and know that your real guns lies in your personal integrity and your honesty and diligence towards your work. The whole country is a witness to the unfairly treatment of the Prime Minister as an object of ridicule. Much of the country’s youth and the pseudo intellectuals, today know of him only as Prime Minister in the UPA I and II, and more so as a puppet of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Dr. Singh has been the target of much criticism in his regime for the poor governance and lack of his ability to deliver content and progress to the country.

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