Moral Decisions In Romeo And Juliet

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Throughout reading “Romeo and Juliet”, we are made aware that their intentions don’t always go as planned. Both Romeo and Juliet always have the best motive for these events, but through secrecy and unfortunate events, it can lead to the biggest tragedy. William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet suggests that even when our motives are innocent or our intentions are honourable, our actions and our words can prove fateful. Ironically, in seeking to control children, parents can inadvertently drive them away. We know that Juliet’s parents love her dearly, they care about her, and show her way more attention than some of the other parents, but it’s something about the way that her parents try and control her, that ultimately leads her and Romeo to their deaths. Her parents try and control her whole life, even the person that she’s to marry. So I wouldn’t blame her for trying to get any amount of freedom. She is trapped in a situation that she cannot get out of, she is married to Romeo, and is expected to get married to Paris. Even if she wanted…show more content…
Love can be an amazing thing, but when it comes to controlling your feelings of love, it can be challenging. People often rush into love, thinking that it’s all going to be okay. But what people have not figured out is that rushing into love, can be a tiring thing. You go from one day, just living your life. Then the next you could be falling in love, with plans to get married. You must control your love. No matter how long you’ve been looking for this affection. Romeo immediately falls in love with Juliet, not knowing her story, her name, or her household. If he would have waited to meet her first, before deciding his love for her, he could have realized her Capulet name, and could have had more time to think of a plan. Life would be too easy if we didn’t have obstacles. Sometimes people are worth fighting for, or even dying
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