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Perfect attendance, straight A's and waking up at 6am every morning with only 5 hours of sleep for nothing. In the end all of this hard work is thrown away because of one test, one grade that will determine the rest of your academic career. Specialized high schools should change the way they make their admissions decisions, because it is not a just way to judge whether or not a child should get into a specialized high school. Specialized high schools can’t rely on this one test to make such a big decision. According to reports published by the American Psychological Society Association, National Academy of Science, and the American Educational Research Association agree that no high stakes decision should be made on the basis of a single…show more content…
When they go to school every day with less than 6 hours of sleep only to find out that they did it for nothing. The specialized high school admissions tests is just one example of uneven distribution of opportunities by geography, race/ethnicity, and immigration status. The racial, geographic and socio-economic distribution of admissions is dramatically skewed to favor students who have attended private middle schools. live in wealthy communities and/or have had the support of tutor companies. According to statistician, researcher, and distinguished professor of psychology and urban education at the graduate center of NYU, Michelle Fine. In 2010 a survey was taken about poverty in America and the results were showed that a whopping 27.4 percent of blacks and 26.6 percent of Hispanics were poor, which in a way makes the admission tests racially discriminatory since these tests require 100’s of dollars for tutors and test prep. For example, Stuyvesant 1% of the students in the school are black and 3% are hispanic. In Bronx high school 3% of the students are black and 6% are hispanic. In Brooklyn Tech 8% of the students are black and 8%

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