Quantico Stereotypes

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“Quantico” The TV drama “Quantico” from executive producers Josh Safran and Mark Gordon. “Quantico” travels through the lives of FBI recruits training to become special agents. The recruits are considered the highly intelligent, best out there type A personalities. Although each recruit possess intelligence they all carry a grave secret. One recruit in particular may be harboring the biggest secret of all, executing the deadliest attack on U.S soil. All the while “Quantico” continuously breaks stereotypes by using casting choices, plot twists, and background stories of characters that will capture any audience in the 21st century. The one thing the differentiates “Quantico” from other fall drama picks like blind-spot, is the casting. Casting is the one thing that can make a show great or cancel a renewal of it. “Quantico”…show more content…
But that’s not the intriguing part of it; the women is seemingly tattooed head to toe with no recollection of who she is and where she came from. All that and the name of FBI Agent Weller tattooed on her back. The FBI is called in to investigate soon realizing that each tattoo is related to a crime and finding out who Jane Doe. Blindspot is interesting and a new concept that seems to being going great for the show’s ratings. Although I personally find the show to be at times predictable and fast paced. Also the lead male role actor has this boring almost sad demeanor, making the audience unsure if the casting was right. Not to say that “Quantico” didn’t have any flaws would be false. “Quantico” constantly eludes to clues and hints, which is off putting at time considering that the audience may not want to solve the puzzle completely. “Quantico” at times also moves fast paced, which may have the audience confused if they hadn’t pay attention in the previous episode. Therefore both shows demonstrate great potential, but are not quite there
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