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Balancing Act, by Margaret Gurevich, is a story about Chloe Montgomery, a girl in high school ,that in her last book won a design contest called Teen Design Diva. In this contest, she won a internship with one of the biggest designers, Stefan Meyers, in New York. Her life is like a balancing act because she has to balance her life and a internship. Chloe is just starting her internship and gets to work with great people every day. With Chloe trying to balance the internship, she also has to balance her life with her roommates, family, friends, and trying to find some time for herself. The internship gets harder as Fashion Week gets closer and the more she gets pressured. She learned that balancing things is very hard but you can get through it.…show more content…
Every two weeks, Chloe has a new person to work with. One week she will be working with designers and the next some one that helps make the music for the fashion shows. All while trying to figure out how to balance her life and work so she can stay in contact with her family and friends back home in California. Her roommates Bailey, Avery and Madison prove to be the a bit of a challenge for her. Madison is young girl that has her nose up in the air and is very rude. Bailey and Avery are very nice girls and are very encouraging to Chloe. Chloe decides to stop and talk to a designer that has her own boutique, Liesel McKay. Liesel McKay is a fashion designer and her friends mom. Liesel and Chloe talk about fashion and Liesel gives Chloe a lot of advise for balancing her internship and her life all at once. Chloe finally gets the hang of the balancing act and is always ready for something to pop out for her to balance it in too. When her best friend gets to come and see Chloe, they love every second of it. Her best friend gives an idea that she could help Chloe get prepare for and help her during fashion week. Stefan Meyers, the

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