Carls Jr Case Study

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1.0 Introduction: About The Company Figure 1: Carl’s Jr.’s Logo Carl’s Jr. is a world-renowned fast food chain that was founded by a young married couple, Carl and Margaret Karcher, in 1941 in California, United States. It all began when they decided to take the risk and buy a hot dog cart at $326 by borrowing $311 against their automobile and another $15 from their savings. Fortunately, their little business grew to four hot dog carts after just a few years before finally opening their first “Carl’s Drive-In Barbeque” on Carl’s 28TH birthday on 16TH January 1945. Apart from that, they also added hamburgers to their menus so that their potential customers will have a bigger selection of choice to order from, which will then result in customer loyalty and satisfaction. Today, Carl’s Jr. has around 1,100 restaurants around the world with a strong brand image and presence, which is almost synonymous to its big and juicy charbroiled burgers, along with its often-heard slogan, “eat like you mean it”. Besides that, Carl’s Jr.’s constant innovation and desire to satisfy the tastes of hungry and young consumers is one of the factors of their growth and success. Other than that, Carl’s Jr. is not only famous for its burgers, but also for its…show more content…
In the beginning of the commercial, she also states that she loves going all-natural, which can be interpreted as being naked, as it makes her feel better. Overall, the advertisement was interesting and managed to capture its audiences’ attention for almost an entire minute, which is good for the business because the main aim of the advertisement is to get the message across about their new products, but ethically and morally

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