Difference Between Public And Public Administration

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The expansion of public sector into industrial enterprises has been into practice for quite some time. The public sector organizations in order to function efficiently are borrowing heavily from the business knowledge, administration and process orientation of the private organizations. However, there still remains a considerable difference between these two administrative practices.It would be beneficiary to learn about both similarities and differences between these two to arrive at a better understanding of the public private partnership model. What is the Public and Private? Let us first understand the differences between public and private sector through a simple comparison. • The major purpose of public administration is to service…show more content…
An achievement rarely gets publicity, but a little fault hits the newspaper headline. They have to be their toes to make sure that their actions do not incur the public wrath. This is not to be found in private sector, not is it so very closely watch by the public and publicity media. • In public administration, any show of discrimination partially will evoke public censure or legislative commotion. Hence the administrators are to be very unbiased while dealing with the public. In private administration, discrimination is freely practiced. In the choice of products and in fixing prices, business administration overtly practices discrimination, which is almost a part of business culture. • Public administration, especially at higher reaches of government, is exceedingly complex. There are many pulls and pressures, many minds have to meet and discuss, consultations go in the several rounds of meetings. Activities in on department have ramifications spread over several other departments. By contract, business administration is generally speaking much more well knit and single minded operation. There is much less complexity in organisation and operations. The pulls and pressures are certainly much less, as compared to the public sector…show more content…
• Also, public administration enjoys a position superior to private management because of it’s direct link in the state’s sovereign power. “The actions of public administrators have the forces law and the coercive power of government behind them” private firms can approach the courts for any wrong doing, but their actions are not binding in the same sense and cannot be enforced through legitimate coercive power, as in the case of a government agency. The social complexities of modern age have been generating newer pressures for government control and regulation. Environmental management, pollution control, natural resources conservation, child labour prohibition, regulation of information network, and broadcasting — All these and many more activities are increasing the burden of public management. Private management has no such parallel in macro-social management. Hence, there is considerable truth in the statement that public administration is not simply a kind of technology but a special form of moral endeavor. In a moral and basic sense, public administration has to serve “a higher

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