Osmosis And Diffusion

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The membrane is a thin layer that forms around living cells keeping materials inside and outside of the cell. The membrane is consists of 3 types of organic molecules creating the fluid mosaic molecule. Phospholipids are lipids composed of two fatty acids, forming a bilayer, which makes up the main structure of the membrane.It is made up of a hydrophilic head (attracted to water) and Hydrophobic tails (repels water) [79]. Inside the phospholipids you will find a variety of different proteins. According to Biology Concepts & Connections, “more than 50 different kinds of proteins have been found in the plasma membrane of human blood cells so far [80].” Different cells will have different proteins based on the function of the cell. Carbohydrates,…show more content…
In this paper will show how the cell uses passive transport(osmosis and diffusion) to move materials through the cellular membrane by calculating the water potential (Ψ = pressure potential Ψp + solute potential Ψs) and the turgor pressure of the…show more content…
Cabbage juice is used because it acts as an indicator. Use a dull knife to cut the jello into 2.3 cm, 3.3 cm, and 4.5cm cubes. Record the cell size, surface area, volume, and SA : V ratio. Submerge cubes in a beaker or cup with vinegar and turn on the timer. Place cups in a controlled room. Diffusion will be completed when indicator completely disappears from the center of the cell. Record the time it takes for the jello to completely diffuse. Procedure 2 Choose up to four pairs of different solutions provided by teacher. One solution from each pair will be in the model cell of dialysis tubing, and the other will be outside the cell in the cup. The fifth model cell will have water inside and outside; this is the control. Before starting, use knowledge about solute gradients to predict whether the water will diffuse into or out of the cell. Label the cups to indicate what solution is inside the cell and inside the cup. Procedure

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