Essay About Moving Away

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The flight from Seattle to Atlanta was late. I watched the airport dull as it emptied of people, until the shops were boarded up and the only other signs of life came from my fellow passengers, yawning periodically, and the flight attendants, looking expectantly at their watches. My headphones were playing an Andrew Sisters’ song, soothing and in perfect harmony, lulling me to sleep as I slouched against the metal armrest, using my balled up sweatshirt as a pillow. I have never been a good traveller. Buses, airplanes, boats, all seem to instill a sense of intense dread, and to an extent, fear in me. But here I was: preparing to board a five hour flight surrounded by strangers. But why was I? What had pushed me so far past all of my boundaries that I was willing to wait hours to fly on an airplane? The answer…show more content…
I always had a drive for discovery and the acquisition of knowledge, but unlike so many children, it wasn’t for the material value of being able to show off to my friends, but to genuinely learn. Until high school, I was convinced I had no history and, as a person with such a passion for it, my lack of stories came as a disappointment more than anything. My mother’s side is Swedish and the oldest document that exists is my great-grandfather’s immigration form which contains nothing more than his name, his age, and the town he came from. I’d worked hard to discover anything, but I came to dead ends every time. So I turned to my father’s side of the family and, to learn about them, I travelled to where they came from, suffering long flights in the middle seat, stomach jolting at every hint of turbulence not simply because I felt I needed to know my history, but because I wanted to. That is my key-- I enjoy making discoveries, and taking on new projects with equal vigor and
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