The Rise Of Racism In The Philippines

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“The dreams of racism actually have their origin of ideologies of class, rather than in those of nation: above all in claims to divinity among rulers and to ‘blue’ or ‘white’ blood and ’breeding’ among aristocracies.” The rise of racism is not a surprise because racism has existed even at the beginning of time. Incapable individuals were not given the chance to learn and are placed in the lower class in the society and are considered the lowest form of individual where privileges are being withheld or even no privileges at all. This has caused the division and has shattered the unity of the nation. Those who are above are enjoying the power and those who are at the bottom are suffering from oppression. Racism in all forms is not acceptable.…show more content…
There may be differences in education, wealth, or appearance, but never in essential nature and ability to serve a cause.” The differences among individuals should not be an excuse to develop disunity. Our different characteristics will always be different because we are born from a mixture of race but this does not differ us from the other. We share the same culture and values which should be the important factor to our identity as one group. We are usually identified by our physical feature and the words that comes out from our mouths. However, one of the satisfying responses one gets is the beauty of being identified by our values. How we react on things especially turning a negative situation to positive is rather a very uplifting scenario that should be practiced to demonstrate high level of intelligence of an individual, emotional intelligence. This should be contagious to have an optimistic influence to others. As Filipinos, we are identified as being hospitable, a characteristic not practiced by all nations. This has become a unique trait amongst us that made a distinguish mark for Filipinos. This gives an idea that we welcome whoever may come and visit the country with open arms and we are ready to serve them with compassion and…show more content…
There have been a lot of factors where language is use positively and negatively. Each mind has a different ideology or definition and it affects greatly on how it is being expressed. The mode of expression is the main element of how the reaction would be. Once expressed negatively a negative reaction is expected. Not all can react to it the other way around. The way language is introduced depends on who introduced it. The carrier bears a great responsibility on how they would want it to be perceived. The mixed reactions of individuals is the result of how it is being delivered. We expect a positive feedback of a well- balanced process where every point of individuality is accepted and considered. This is what should have been done from the very start of civilization. This creates a positive and more satisfying environment to each individual. An environment of acceptance and freedom to express one’s

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