John Bowlby's Attachment Theory

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At the root of attachment parenting lays the attachment theory. Attachment theory stems from psychologist John Bowlby's studies of maternal deprivation and animal behavior research in the early 1950s. Attachment theory says an infant automatically seeks closeness to a secure figure. This familiarity is necessary for the infant for food and survival. Attachment parenting is based on the idea that babies learn to trust and prosper when their needs are consistently met by a caregiver early in life. Children who never experience this secure attachment early in life do not learn to form healthy attachments later in life. They suffer from insecurity, lack of empathy, and, in extreme cases, anger and attachment disorders. Early attachment theory…show more content…
Sears is the pediatrician who promoted attachment parenting. He has simplified its principles into what he calls the "7 Baby B's" or "Attachment Tools" First is what he calls the birth bonding. Adopted children, foster kids, and infants in intensive care can all learn to form healthy relationships as adults later in life. Second he stresses the informants of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is now seen to benefit a mother as well as a baby. Breastfeeding does this by producing increased levels prolactin and oxytocin. Next tool is baby-wearing to promote attachment, frequent touch, and parents' understanding to an infant's signs of needs. Forth is bedding close to your baby. Sleeping close to babies is good but the need for parents to get a good night's sleep has to be remembered. Fifth is strongly advising parents to respond to their babies' cries and not let babies cry it out. Sixth is to watch out for convenience parenting, do not put a parent's convenience above an infant's feeding cues or emotional bonding needs. Some examples might be parent-scheduled feedings. The last step is having balance the parents and babies life. Parents have to balance parenting, marriage, and their own health and emotional needs to make it the best for them and the

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