Rural Urban Migration

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Rural to Urban Migration a Problem (development ofslums) The increasing flow of people from rural to urban area hasmany positive and negative impacts. The mushrooming ofslums near the cities/urban centers, due to continuous flowof migrants from rural area to the urban area is consideredas a big challenge. A study done by economic and socialcommission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP, 1991)observed that “migration from rural to urban areas continuesat a rapid pace in many countries of the region, and it wasoften beyond the capacity of towns, cities and metropolitanareas to cope with the increasing numbers. The increasingtrends of rural to urban migration should be seriouslyreviewed in the context of development of slums in urbanarea. No doubt,…show more content…
It is a desirable phenomenon.Migrants, in a mobile world are everywhere, moveeverywhere, contributing in manifold ways to developmenteverywhere. Migration is essential for the development andgrowth of the cities. Urbanization is the sign of developmentof any country. More than half of the world’s populationlives in urban areas. In India, about one third (31 per cent)of the population lives in urban areas. The urban populationwas enumerated at 37.7 million in 2011, which is likely toincrease to 600 million by 2030. India has about 8000 citiesand towns, but 43 per cent of the urban population lives inonly 53 cities that have a population of a million plus. Thesecities are centers of wealth and economic growth. Theurban-rural growth differential in the 2011 Census was 19.8,which is the highest in last 30 years. The rate of net rural tourban migration has increased from 21.2 percent in 1991-01to 24.1 percent in 2001-11.The movement of people fromrural area to urban area for better jobs/employments fromone states/UTs to another states/UTs results into rapidgrowth of the cities. The development trajectory acrosscountries shows that people are increasingly living in urbanareas. As per the census 2011, in rural areas the totalpopulation was

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