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What is the purpose of assessment result analysis? How am I going to utilise the information of assessment in order support my teaching and learning? An after-test review will enhance the accuracy of the test scores and the validity of decisions made from them. After designing the assessment tasks (MCQ items, selected response and written response assessment), the crucial part is the analysis of assessment items. There must be a connection between what had been taught and what to be assessed. However, we should avoid over-sampling items that assess only basic levels of knowledge whereas there must also be an effort to assess for more higher-level thinking. Item analysis provides statistics on overall test performance for each learner. It helps…show more content…
Several things must be taken into consideration in order to determine appropriate difficulty level. The first task should be to determine the probability of answering an item correctly by chance alone, also referred to as guessing or luck. In most instances, it is desirable for a test to contain items of various levels from Bloom Taxonomy in order to support learners’ practice. As an educator, what is the role of judgement in assessment? Is my grading objectivity or subjectivity? There are some issues included validity, reliability, subjectivity and objectivity that will affect our decision. Reliability is concerned with the stability or consistency of the assessment data that are collected. The extent to which, multiple observations of multiple learners are made, affect the reliability of the information we use to make our instructional decisions. Assessment that relies on teacher’s professional judgments to evaluate learner achievement can produce valid and reliable results leading to effective instruction if we anticipate potential problems and work to eliminate them. Alternatively, subjectivity of assessment need not be a source of inaccuracy. Is my assessment culture-free in order to avoid subjectivity or bias judgment…show more content…
To identify the problem, I need to examine the response patterns on the various options provided. Selected response can be scored objectively because they are usually brief and have only one correct answer. The test formats are more efficient than essays in this case for two reasons. It allow for a more precise sampling of this particular kind of achievement. First, I can ask more questions compared to essay questions per unit of testing time because the answer is so much shorter. Hence, I can provide a broader sample of performance per unit of time with selected response

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