Casino Industry In Macau

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I. Introduction In this time and age, casino industry became more popular in the world and many new casino hotels has built up in Macau in recently years. In numerous casino hotel in Macau, The Venetian Macao and City of Dream Macau have been selected for the project. The Venetian Macao would focus on casino rather than the shopping center. Besides, the unique of the Venetian is GONDOLA RIDES which is the main attraction for the travelers to enjoy. On the other hand, City of Dream Macau has pays more attention on the entertainment in order to attract guest and gambler such as the Dancing Water Show. II. Current business situation and the trends In recent year, the ethos of gambling has become more popular in Southeast Asia. Casino industry…show more content…
The popular game in The Venetian is Texas Hold’em since there only 3 casinos in Macau offer this type of game. What is more, there are some place provide food and beverage to the gambler. Bar Florian is one of the restaurant inside the casino where located in the casino floor. Its provide breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea to the gambler and open in 24 hours. Sometimes, it has some live dancing performance from the bunny girls. Another outlet is Bellini Lounge, its provide cocktail and music live performance. It also attracts some guest who are not aimed to gambling that come inside the casino, so that it can enhance more gambler to…show more content…
City of Dream Macau provide those facilities which can fulfill the wants from the aged people to children. They have mega shopping center suitable for women and visitors which is include variety type of well-known shop in fashion, beauty, accessories, lifestyle and the like. What is more, there are total 32 of bars and restaurants from Chinese cuisines to international style which can cater to different type of visitors. Not only are they providing entertainment to adult, but also provide a propriety place to children which is the Kids City. Children can spend their time in the kids zone when their parents are going to gambling. They can also celebrate their birthday or hold a party in that place. The aim of these facilities is that City of Dream Macau would like to establish a

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