Difference Between Learner-Centred Learning And Human Experience

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In my opinion,learning take place side by side with Human Experiences.There is no age limit to learn something.Every Human learn from birth till death .It is an ongoing process which continous till death.Learning modifies the human behaviour.Thus it is a permanent change in the behaviour.A person learn from his own experiences as well as he leaens from other's experiences. According to me,learning is a process whereby new knowledge,skills,behaviours and beliefs are gained by an individual or group.Learning happens in many different ways;it does not begin or end in classrooms,but permeats the school environment and broader conmunity.Academics have attempted to map and explain the learning process,though it is generally agreed that it is an iterative and ongoing process(CIE-Learning).…show more content…
In the new locations, the learning is transferred and applied in novel, interesting, and innovative ways. This is the phenomenon referred to as the 'Transfer of Learning'. When transfer of learning occurs, it is in the form of meanings, expectations, generalisations, concepts, or insights that are developed in one learning situation being employed in others (Bigge and Shermis, 1992). Keep in mind Thomas Shuell's principle " Learner-centred learning allows students to become creators of knowledge, rather than passive recipients of information. Learning proceeds by a series of interactions or conversations—between teacher and learner in the first instance, but also between one learner and others.(Thomas J.Sheull ,Review Of Educational Research ,Winter 1986,Vol.5,No.4

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