Pros And Cons Of The Vietnam War

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After World War 2 there were two countries of power left, Soviet Union and the United States, each country had a different view on government and economics which caused conflict between the two countries. United States was a capitalist country, and the Soviet Union was a communist country. The expansion of the Soviet Union converted many countries to convert to communism and for proxy wars to emerge with each superpower funneling firepower and resources to their allie. The United States maintaining and aggression stance in the Cold War was justified as it kept the people of the United States in security and protected their way of life. The Vietnam war was justified because it prevented communist aggression from spreading into American allied countries and…show more content…
A dove argument would cite CNN were it states that, “The total of American servicemen listed as KIA at the end of the war was 48,220” (CNN). With this is mind, the fact that all of these soldiers lost their lives to a war were nothing was gain is not only damaging to the families, but it is damaging to United States as a country. Billions of dollars of resources were used in a war where nothing materialistic was gain. However, this is a very one sided argument, looking back at the Vietnam war of course there are many flaws in the way that they operated, but that does not mean that the war wasn't necessary or unjustified. United States involvement in the Vietnam war, was not to gain materialistic items, but to prevent the enemy from spreading communism into more and more countries where in the long wrong, creates a higher level of security for the people. The US was successful in prevent communism from spreading any more, Vietnam was the last official country that converted to communism, given that this is true, USA's participation in the Vietnam was justified because the main goal of involvement was

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