Pumpkin Criticism

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Scene I, Act I Location: Jersey City, New Jersey Time: 12:00 am Narrator: Good evening boys and girls have you heard the story about ‘The Murderous Pumpkin Cult’? No? Well then this Halloween night I, Forgan Meeman, shall tell you the tale of the psychotic, murder induced, pumpkin crazed, cult, known only as “The Descendants of the Pumpkin”. DUN DUN DUN!!! THUNDER STRIKES! Narrator: Our story begins in a mental institution called “House Of Crazys”, located in Jersey City. Here the soon-to-be cult leader, Plum Ken, is breaking out of his suite in the midst of the night. Struggling to go unnoticed in public he fled to the local farm… Plum Ken: *gasps* Okay, Okay, Okay. it’s cool, it's cooooool l. I just need a place to hide. *Looks around…show more content…
We will have some tough times now, for some people are blind to the awe inspiring God Pumpkin, but we won’t let those hell-rotters stand in our way! We will as a whole, gather new members, fight against all other false religions, and pumpkinify all those who stand in our way! Crowd Cheers Gai: *Whispering to Bob Smith* he may be absolutely insane but we must stand up to the oppressors of our religion! Scene II Act II Location: Ceremony chamber, inside the God Pumpkin Time: 1:30 pm Narrator: Plum Ken brings the members of his cult to a preparation table. Plum Ken: Okay, Doesno Cara, will you please lay down on the table. *Lays Down* Plum Ken: Now Balli Killchill, will you please grab that knife. *Grabs Knife* Narrator: Now remember kids, here is where it ‘s gonna get gory, so prepare yourselves. Plum Ken: Now, cut down his stomach, from his neck to his waist. *Cuts* Doesno: * Grabs chair and makes discomfort noises* Plum Ken: Now, I shall communicate with the God Pumpkin. *mumbles randomly* Narrator: suddenly, bright orange dust infects the wound of the sacrifice. Plum Ken: good, all is going according to plan! The dust starts to turn Doesno’s skin very hard and orange Plum Ken: And now we

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