Pumpkins In African Americans

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Pumpkins By: Kati and Kiley History - When the pilgrims came to the Americas, Central America first, they brought pumpkins along with them. The pilgrims distributed them to the Native Americans. The Native Americans then shared with other tribes all over the country, including Wisconsin. Production - In the past they had to do everything by hand, plant every single seed in the ground 1-2 inches deep. It doesn’t matter which way the seed ends up. The site you choose should have maximum sunlight and room for the vines to spread out. The soil should be rich and not too moist. The drainage has to be good as well. To get a good crop, mulch should be added along with fertilizer. If you are having a bee problem, don’t kill them because the bees…show more content…
It can be made into many different kinds of drinks including teas, lattes, coffees, coffee creamers, and cocktail drinks. Another use could be hair and skin products, because they’re rich in Vitamins A, B5, C, and E, fiber, EFAs, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and iron. Delicious foods including breads, pies, butters, dips, all sorts of cookies and desserts, and candies. Pumpkins are used for a ton of decorations; some are: Jack-O-Lanterns, candle holders, serving dishes, little pumpkins by themselves, and painted pumpkins. Also there are many uses of pumpkin…show more content…
China has many agricultural products that they produce including rice, wheat, potatoes, peanuts, fish, pigs, fowl, and sheep. Those are just a few of many products. About 46.9% of China’s population is involved in traditional agriculture. The average income that China spends on food is about 33.9%. China’s most common agricultural exports are rice and wheat but their most common imports are soybeans/ oilseeds and cotton. China has some problems producing enough food for its country. They have a population of about 1.3 billion so it is very difficult. Lately many farmers have decided to move into the cities and work at factories so that is not helping either. Some problems that China affects their agriculture production is the increased competition from a growing global population, the reduction of the country’s ag workforce, and the changing diets of the Chinese

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