Pt2520 Unit 6 Research Paper

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November 2015 is a big time for Ohioans. On November 3rd, Ohio citizens will be voting on three main issues- redistricting, direct democracy, and marijuana. These three issues are difficult, they could go either way. Ohio voters should become informed on these three issues prior to election day so they are able to see the good and bad sides to the issues and form their opinion before they vote on them. The first issue on this ballot or Issue 1 is redistricting. Redistricting deals with changing the boundary lines for state legislative and U.S congressional districts. This issue comes into play every ten years once the census is completed. Redistricting is important because the government wants to make sure that district lines are fair and similar in size and also without discrimination. The whole idea of this is so one political party does not have too much control. Redistricting is a good idea because we want everything to be as fair as…show more content…
Ohio would be the fifth state to legalize marijuana for personal use and the first state to legalize before having a medical marijuana program. If approved by voters, marijuana would be legalized for medical and personal use of anyone the age of twenty-one or older. If you were to grow any marijuana by yourself at home, you would only be allowed to grow up to four flowering plants at one time with a cultivating licence. Although you would need a doctor's note to receive medical marijuana and are limited on the amount that you are able to grow at home, I believe that legalizing marijuana is not a good idea. Some people think that voting yes to Issue 3 is a good idea because they will be able to make more money off of the marijuana. We need to be concerned on more than just money. People would be allowed to grow marijuana at home as long as they are registered with the state. I feel that some people will take this way too far and use the marijuana for the wrong

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