Who Am I Without Him By Sharon Flake Essay

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Literature Critique In this story, “Who Am I Without Him?” by Sharon Flake, I feel the author did an amazing job at creating a realistic scene. The narrator’s boyfriend, Raheem, is the type of guy I would not want to know. He has done many awful things to the narrator in just one chapter. He has taken advantage, abused, and even cheated on her. The worst thing is, the narrator did not act on his actions correctly. Yes, she was upset at Raheem; though she did practically nothing. The chapter actually ended with her planning on what to make Raheem for dinner. As I was reading, I examined a couple of factors in the scene. I do believe these scenes are realistic. The type of relationship the scenes have shown can and do happen in real the world. Raheem is very abusive towards the narrator. This is proven in the following action,” He hooks his thumb through my gold hoop…show more content…
The plot would have flown more naturally if there were more background information on the characters. I know that Raheem’s father is also abusive and the narrator has a mean mother. The author states this in the following sentences, “But then my mother’s words come back to me. You ain’t no prize….I apologize just like my momma does when my dad slaps her. Like Raheem’s momma does too.” To me, it seems as if both the narrator and Raheem act on what they see. This also would have made me more engaged in the text. I would have very much liked if there was a change in point of views. This would allow me to look deeper into the characters. There could have been less conflict if the narrator broke up with Raheem right when he pulled her hoop earring. This would have done a major difference. She wouldn’t have had to give him money, yell at some random good girl, see Raheem eye another girl, and see him cheat on her. The dynamics of the conflict would have changed too. The narrator would have been heartbroken but most important, she would have been

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