Public Sector Case Study

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1 ) Public sector is defined to capture the impact on fiscal policy of the activities of public corporations. It includes all units of the general government sector plus all public corporations.. They concerned with providing various governmental services, such as military, police, infrastructure, public transport and etc. Public Sector also known as bodies to set up by the government to cater for specific needs, such as environmental agencies. Researchers, scientists and engineers are highly valued in such organisations. Public sector help the community to arrange their needs according request and provide public goods and services. They will adjust the income distribution to ensure what is socially acceptable. Public sector refer to government…show more content…
They can develop their strategic and action in a right way for their future. They can strongly identify their vision and mission of an entity organisation and can move towards targets, ( Chavan 2009 ). In real the three major purpose linked each together to make a success on company For example, Olathe Kansas one of the government company. Earlier when they using other method the vision haven’t completed well. In 2000, they implemented BSC. The vision of company feels good once they implement BSC. They feel that the company at the highest level, a major benefit is that the scorecard has helped us build trust with our citizens, ( Ted Jackson 2015…show more content…
At the business unit level, critical success factors were developed for each of the four perspectives of the card—competence, processes, customers, and financial. They established guidelines for the deployment of CSFs at lower levels in the company, stating that departments must select CSFs for which the department has a major control responsibility. These CSFs—key BSC indicators and monitor the implementation of the business strategy. For each level they set different kind of target, ( Andra Gumbus 2002). The evaluation of management at public sector need to change and have to pay more attention towards their objectives of efficiency, effectiveness and economy. As a result around 60% of firm are adopting the BSC for performance management. Due to the different factor between public sector company and private sector, the adoption of such a tool in a public administration requires to amend the original architecture of the BSC, ( Barbara Bigliardi ). The performance of public sector management increasing after the applicable of

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