Canadian Public Sector Case Study

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1. The Canadian Public sector has important and obvious values. Those values are that they will work to provide services to as many citizens and communities of the general public as they can, and when doing so they will ensure they are always accessible and inclusive to all (people with physical and mental delays). They recognize Recreation as a basic right and work to provide the public with services to fulfill the ever-changing needs and wants of the population. These values are evident in many different services such as programs being offered in specific communities based on a demographic that has demonstrated a need or want for that service such as a park, or an arena. As public servants they are forever working for the public and looking…show more content…
5 Benefits that are provided by organizations in the public sector that would be unique to this sector would be that it is a consistent and reliable service offered to the public as their right, or something they are entitled to. Another would be that unlike non-profit organizations that a lot of the time have a specific group they are focused on (Parks and Recreation Ontario, Alzheimer’s Society) organizations in the public sector can vary their focus depending on what is needed at any specific time and create a program catering to those needs. Unlike the commercial sector which offers whatever it wants towards a specific audience, the public sector listen to the constituents needs and supports community initiatives. The public sector also provides the community with hard services such as public transportation; roads, sewers, and water systems that aren’t provided by any other sector. Another unique benefit to the public sector is that it also has the ability to offer its goods and services more economically than the private sector is able to. Lastly the public government has, or has the ability to acquire all resources needed and offer services at a reasonable non-profitable…show more content…
The sources of revenue and financial support that the public sector receives is acquired through taxation, expropriation, and user fees. The public sector is able to provide opportunities where the long term outcome is more valuable than its cost whereas because of the initial expense they would not be regularly provided by the commercial sector, such as urban parks, dog parks, etc. 7. The public sector are a sector that offers its services to everyone. Because of this they are funded by the government as they are seen as something essential to the wellbeing of the society. The philosophy of their financial practices is that they are cost neutral. They aim to be in a position where they are collecting enough money to keep the programs running. 8. For example if charging $3.00 for a public swim was bringing in enough income to continue running the program, that is how much they would charge. Only if the cost of running the pool and services around that went up, would the cost of that free swim go up, and if the public stopped showing up and complained that that price was too high they would have to reconsider how they are running the program and what they can change to make it less expensive in order to stay in a cost-neutral zone. Section

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