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In this paper, community and public health nutrition will be discussed covering the differences and the similarities between the two. The paper will also include the goals and objectives of the paper, the history of public health and community nutrition and also a brief history of the two. The objectives and goals of this paper are to; i. Define the terms Community and Public health nutrition. ii. Identify one program under Public health nutrition and Community nutrition. iii. Identify the difference between Community and Public health nutrition, using programs identified in (ii). iv. Discuss the similarities between community and public nutrition, using programs identified in (ii). History The history of public health nutrition dates back…show more content…
In a lot of countries a lot of municipalities and governments are engaged in controlling and preventing diseases in their communities. They engage nurses, doctors, extension workers and other public health practitioners, to come up with interventions for disease control and prevention. Such health programs or interventions include the initiative by the Botswana Government (Ministry of Health) where counseling and disease testing for HIV are compulsory for all pregnant women. In this case those who test positive will enroll in the program so that they too are able to breastfeed as well as those who are negative. This initiative is important in the sense that diseases are prevented and controlled from passing on to the babies. Those that are unable to breastfeed due to terminal diseases like cancer are given supplementary feeds for themselves and their babies. On the other hand, the California Adolescent Nutrition and Fitness Program (CANFIT) is immersed in improving the eating and exercise skills and habits of youth, staff and parents. In so doing, it is similar to breast feeding as an example of public health nutrition as they are both involved in proper…show more content…
Public health nutrition services are directed to community, organization and systems. For instance breastfeeding, it is directed to all mothers across the country the services provided are more or less the same. Like in Botswana breastfeeding classes are offered for lactating mothers in Botswana public

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