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HEALTH SYSTEM Health is a vital for the integrated development of the individual and the community and also for the socio-economic development of the country.According to the WHO ,Health is a state of complete physical,mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Public health system is mainly aimed at improving health, prolonging life and quality of life among whole populations through health promotions, disease prevention and pther forms of health interventions. A health system is an organization of people, institutions, and resources to provide health care services to the people. A good healthcare system is the one which delivers quality services to people when and where they need them. The health care…show more content…
• Community Health Centre 1 per 20000 population- general areas 1 per 80000 population- in difficult/hilly and tribal areas. Health Facilities According to the Rural Health Statistics (RHS) 2014, the status of public health facilities function in the country are: • Sub Centres-152326 • Primary Health Centre- 25020 • Community Health Centre-5363 • Sub-divisional hospitals-1024 • District Hospitals-755 • There is a shortfall of 36346 Sub-centres (20%), 6700 Primary health centres( 23%) and 2350 Community Health Centres( 32%) across the country as per RHS 2014. • The number of First Referral Units have increased from 955 in 2005 to 2632 in 2014 • There are 8800 Primary Health Centres operational as 24*7 facilities. ISSUES IN HEALTHCARE SYSTEM IN INDIA Rural Versus Urban Divide: India spends only 4.2 % of its national GDP towards health care goods and services ( compared to 18 % by the US). There is a wide gap between rural and urban population in healthcare system .70 % of population still lives in rural areas where only limited health care facilities are provided.Whereas urban people has the access to urban centres where all resources are…show more content…
The government regulates the private insurance markets also. Such programmes includes Community Health Insurance Program for population below poverty line ( like Medicaid in US) and Life Insurance Company( LIC) policy for senior citizens( like Medicare in US). Demand for basic primary healthcare and infrastructure: HIV, malaria, tuberculosis and diarrhea are the basic health concerns facing India. Indian government spends only about 30% of the country’s total healthcare budget on primary healthcare. This is only a fraction of what US and UK spend every year. .Underdeveloped Medical Devices Sector: The medical devices sector is only the smallest piece of India’s healthcare sector . But it is an fast growing industry. This industry has faced a number of regulatory challenges which prevented its growth and development. References

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