Censorship In Movies

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Censorship Censorship, why does it happen, exactly. To censor images in a movie or in a book, usually means it is not kid friendly. There is censorship everywhere, in movies, books,posters,music anything that could be a threat to children and even some teenagers. Though many people find ways to get rid of censorship, it always comes back. In the end what people were trying to cover up turned out to be avoided. Many different countries around the world use censorship to a whole other level. They take something that might offend someone else and they ban it all together. Our country is one of the most laid back in censoring things, though in other countries’ censorship in mandatory, especially movies made by the U.S. other countries even censor…show more content…
Though the reason why they don't show these movies is because of the “lack positive thoughts and meaning,”( Crucchiola They ban movies from America and don't show them on TV. In movies, censorship may not only be profanity or violence, it is also based on sexual relations pertaining weather a person is gay or not. In Russia and Malaysia the live action version of Beauty and The Beast had its rating pushed up. Russia's rule on watching the movie is that a person must be the age of 16 or older, and in Malaysia they upped its rating to PG-13. Beauty and The Beast isn't the only censored movie of this there. “The “exclusively gay” moment in the live-action Beauty and the Beast has caused controversy in several more conservative nations — specifically in Russia and Malaysia”…show more content…
If an artist says a bad word they might replace it with another word especially on the radio. back then people thought rock music was the route of all evil. “the FCC, and many parents believed that Rock music represented and evoked.” though it's not just rock music that uses profanity. Many people don't know that profanity is used everywhere, but on the radio they make sure that there is no usage of profanity that will make the parent of a child mad. Though some radio stations bleep out the weirdest things. Niki Z richarched states in her article “Censorship On The Radio”she says that they even bleep out the word bullets in the song Ride, she thinks that it is unnecessary to censor a word that can easily be discovered.She says ”9 out of 10 people can infer what the word was anyways, so what’s the point?”. Though, really what is the point. Why try to delete a word that isn't even fully bad. I have heard words changed in songs on the radio and she is totally correct. That is why kids make up their own versions of songs, and also why people make clean versions of songs and publish them on Youtube. However in music videos you can't block what a child can hear or see. If you just look up a video on the internet then there is a chance you will see something

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