Computed Tomography Case Study

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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT QUESTION:- Surf the Internet for information about airport security via bomb-detecting devices. Examine the available products, and comment on the IT techniques used. ANSWER:- INTRODUCTION Air travel is the most common means of travel used these days and thus that is the reason it becomes a soft target for terrorism and other forms of crime because of the number of people located in a particular location. The high concentration of people on large airlines, the potential high death rates with attacks on aircraft and the ability to use a hijacked airplane as a lethal weapon, provides an easy target for terrorism, whether they succeed or not. The number of options available to terrorist is far greater today than ever before, but the most widely used, and therefore…show more content…
Even a three dimensional image can be obtained by appropriately combining the various cross sectional slices. The most important advantage of the CT technique is that X-ray transmission measurements and material absorption coefficients can be obtained directly from the material of interest, even if surrounding materials obscures the specific target. This technique provides maximum sensitivity and accuracy for material detection and identification. This technique can also be used specifically to identify explosives and discriminate them from most other innocuous similar materials. This is possible because CT can identify the material thickness and because the explosives generally have higher density values but similar atomic numbers compared to innocuous materials. TRACE EXPLOSIVES DETECTION DEVICES

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