Informative Essay: The Invasion Of The Red Panda

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Do you know about the Red Panda? if not I am going to tell you about this precious animal. People may think this animal is a raccoon if they never saw it before because of it weight and size is just like a raccoon but it is not related to the raccoon what so ever. I’m going to let you know everything you need to know about this endangered animal why it is endangered and what caused it to me endangered and why it’s so special to our world and want to keep this specie alive on this earth and not extinct. The Red Panda or Scientific name the (Ailurus Fulgens) is an Endangered Species in our world the species it grow to the size of a house cat it has an bushy- like tail add and additional 18inches (46 centimeters).Although The Red Panda only weights…show more content…
The Red Panda shares the giant pandas rainy, high attitude habitat, but has a wider range they mainly live in mountains of Nepal and Northern Myanmar (Burma), as well as in central china but you mainly will catch them in trees because most of their food are in trees so they stay in high areas for food and to stay away from big predators. They have a taste for bamboo Red Pandas primarily eat bamboo leaves and fresh shoots, as berries blossoms, bird eggs, and various plants or small leaves. They have a small bony like protection on their wrist which will help them grip onto something like a tree or bamboo stalks The Giant Panda also have this genetic trait. But habitat destruction is the biggest threat facing Red Pandas today. In Nepal, there are six negative land management practices that threaten the survival of the species. (National geographic). The other man threat to this species is people are illegally hunting. More than likely this animal is killed for their coats, which trappers use to make hats or some even make jackets and clothing with this animals fur and I think this is very wrong to do an animal, and SNP had led to a decrease in hunting Rimbick .Today The Red Panda is offered national protection

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