Persuasive Essay On Endangered Animals

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Elephants are caring creatures on this planet and need the up most attention and deserve to be treated right. Caring animals such as elephants require a certain amount of love and protection, all the pouching going on is just cruel, but while it looks like it’s not getting any better there are some encouraging efforts and theories out there that are trying to stop it and put an end to it. There have been many articles with solutions trying to help the world with this pouching travesty but it seems like it’s just not getting any better. Taking care of Elephants have had many endeavors as animals in this world but I believe Poaching on this planet can be terminated if given guidance in the right direction. South Africa is one of the worst places…show more content…
Its shown that National parks are where most of this information was being discovered at and in 60% of it is coming from the Africa wildlife. Commu22nities that play a role in this conservation, they always attempt to protect elephants, rhinos and all of the endangered species it just never happens it seems like it hasn’t gotten better at all. With elephants the response needed is too bring more reinforcement to help protect them and make them less endangered. A man by the named Matt Brown has stated in a quote that basically all of the reinforcement for protection can’t just be guys with weapons, he thinks the community as a whole should look into and also try and protect these helpless large elephants. An encouraging aspect of this is that Conservationists have worked on creating a budget that will have the industry raving because of all the theories they have come up with budgeting for this problem, also this will allow the community to manage the grasslands and private properties better, which will allow less poaching to take place. Elephant poaching will still take place but with all of the resources and tools, research shows that conservancies have a hopeful future ahead of

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