Pros And Negatives Of Social Media

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The inclusion of millions of websites, apps, and more platforms for groups to be in touch through media all over the world wide web or net nowadays, surely assures us that this is undeniably the era of social media. Due to this digital era, teenagers like myself are amongst the top users of most social networking websites on the net. Wheather it's uploading selfies and pictures on Instagram, updating a twitter or facebook status or fitting a practical joke into 200 characters, youths like myself are online most of the time. Social networking is a major part of culture in this modern society. Recently, I've seen an increase in the number of individuals on my twitter feed posting or writing lengthy articles about the negative impacts of social…show more content…
A huge problem in the last few years is cyberbullying, which is the use of electronic communication to bully a person. Another drawback of social media is that if a person lacks self control it can be dangerously addictive and will also lead to health problems because users do not get enough sleep etc.These are all unfavorable outlooks of being a part of online groups.The question is, does the favorable exceed the unfavorable enough for a person to continue with using social networking? Therefore, I don't think social media is totally bad but I believe that it is a gift to society. I actually think that involvement in the social networking circle is advantageous for teenagers in this digital era. It provides an interval for youths to share their views, beliefs, opinions, and perspectives. It enables users to keep in touch with people all over the globe by an instant tap of a screen or by a simple click of a button.Plus, anyone is eligible to view, read and share the news of their desire. The fault in this action, though, is that false statements can be broadened just as quickly as true…show more content…
Social media can be a remarkable environment to uplift for each other, to connect with people all over the world and share our opinions and views. Social media gives us an opportunity to reconnect and to keep up-to-date with relatives and friends that live far away in isolated areas. It gives us the opportunity to share our testimonies and get our views out there so anyone in the net can see it and reply to it from their own perspectives. Having the liberty to share our views on the internet makes us feel heard. That can be such a wonderful and influential feeling, that I suggest for all youths to obtain. The thing is, the internet gives young individuals so much freedom and liberties. We now have a similar scenario because of social media. Conceded, there are a great number of teenagers that still cannot distinguish how to use their views for the correct motives yet. In fact, I'm still figuring that part out myself. Instead of disheartening teens to access the internet, I think people should start motivating them to use it for constructive purposes instead of inappropriate

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