Persuasive Essay On Charter Schools

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Introduction: Nowadays when we are talking about education you may find a wide variety of schools. As parents it is not a surprise that you want the best education for your kids, so choosing one of many schools can get a little tricky specially when don’t even know if public, private or charter school is the right or better decision for your child. In order to help you get to know more information about those schools here are some gather key points that could help you to select or have a decision that would play a huge role in the future of your children. This could have a big impact in academic and personal student’s lives. Public School Starting with public school, this type of schools is funded by government assets which can be local,…show more content…
Consequently if a charter school does not meet certain standards, this can be shut down. Have to remember that not all charter schools are the same, it depends from school to school some of them can be high performing while others are completely the opposite. Some of the most successful charter schools are called Charter Management Organizations (CMO), which are basically single organizations in charge of multiple charter schools as well as launch new ones. People who attend charter schools come from around the country, usually they're not-selected, but when there is a high demand, students are chosen by lottery. Charter schools are sort of a public education without charge, that enjoy of certain freedom like create their own curriculum or hire teachers without state certification, but still have to meet some public school regulations and it depends on the autonomy that each state are willing to give. Hence they have more flexibility, charter schools tend to provide more innovative programs, than a regular

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