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Connection between earth’s magnetic field and its atmosphere Abstract: How are magnetic field and atmosphere of the earth are related to each other and magnetic fields effect on climate. The magnetic field of the earth is defined in term of the North and the South Pole, which create due rotating inner iron-core of earth. Its magnitude of earth’s surface around 0.25 – 0.65 Gauss (25 – 65 µT). Dipoles are currently tilted with 10 degree angle to the earth’s rotational axis. Paleomagnetism is used for this relation and geo-dynamo to understand of magnetic field how change over time. Earth’s magnetic field prevents from solar wind and prevent the atmosphere of earth to erode. Earth’s magnetic field: The magnetic field of earth, also known as geomagnetic field. And it spread earth’s interior to solar wind. Its intensity around 0.25 – 0.65G. It inclines downwards in the northern hemisphere and rotate upwards in the southern hemisphere till horizontal. Paleomagnetism is used to interpret the data or record of magnetic field in rocks in the past to check change behavior of the magnetic field of earth. In this process first…show more content…
Energetic particles cause significant ozone depletion by degrading ozone concentration in the mesosphere and upper stratosphere. The ion-molecular reactions involving ozone, which take place in the ozonosphere, account for at most 10% of the total rate of ozone degradation at any arbitrary concentration of the particles. The indirect influence of energetic particles on the ozone layer through the formation of OH which is an active source of ozone destruction, as well as water molecules, at night, significantly increases in the case of the ionization of the stratosphere by solar protons above the ozone layer’s peak heights during the solar proton events

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