Pros And Cons Of Being An American

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What do you think when you hear the word “American”? Courageous? Dangerous? Obese? Insane? Free? To be an American is to have several qualities. As an American, you need to be willing to deal with an always-changing society. You need to learn to live with many different cultures and races. And you need to be willing to understand another’s pain. Americans send such a bad vibe to many other countries. We join wars and start them, we destroy our planet, we are selfish, and we are ungrateful. But, we can be so much more. Americans are also helpful, we are free, we try to provide equal rights to people, and we have some of the greatest people in our country. America is not perfect, that is a fact, with crime, prejudice, inequality, and an obesity epidemic. But, we are trying to be better examples. Firstly, to be an American, you need to be able to deal with our huge mixing pot. America is known as a place where different races can come to seek freedom. So many different races live in our great nation. So many different races living in one country. Some came by choice, while others were forced into this place. To be an American means acceptance of these other people sharing our space with us. When we are prejudiced to these people, that proves that you cannot accept the fact that we are all on this Earth…show more content…
We need to be sympathetic towards those who have less than us. Rather than rubbing our food and health in their faces. Other countries don’t have the opportunities that we do. We are so privileged that, rather than being jerks about it, we can try to feel for these people who have next to nothing. To be an American you have to be able to feel. Feel something for them. Even if you dislike their race, or gender, or religion. You have to try. That is what it takes to be an American. To feel is our greatest weakness. But, it is also our greatest ally in anything we do as a
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